Our story started when we were looking for decorators for our own wedding and realized that the cost was enough for the down payment on a home. Creative passion was part of Melissa’s genetic make up from a young girl as she always had a creative knack and did décor for friends and relatives all for free up until a few years ago when people starting asking for her business card. Melissa found it funny and laughed it off but the end user was serious. Melissa spent 22 years in the hospitality industry in an Executive Capacity managing hotels for a living; that is where her keen eye for detail strong focus on service stems from. With a hectic schedule and no time for family, Melissa decided to leave the corporate world to pursue what made her happy… Making other people’s fairytale come alive at a reasonable cost while still earning a small profit. Melissa’s focus has always been to give people the lavish wedding of their dreams but at a fraction of the cost so that you can still save for your future. Leaving behind the corporate world of negativity, Melissa has taken her passion and enjoys bringing her clients Fairytale alive one couple at a time.

We have designed weddings at incredible venues and turned rags to riches literally. Some esteemed venues we have decorated are Atlantis, Venetian, The Doctor’s House, Graydon Hall Manor, Chateau Le Jardin, Hazelton Manor, Lionhead Golf Course, North Halton Golf Course, Embassy Grand, Red Rose Convention Centre, The Mansion, Eglinton Grande just to name a few.

Our design team consist of design specialist who have been trained to look for the little things that will matter long after your event is over. We have a large enough crew so that short set up times can be accommodated. No event is too big or too small.

I look forward to “saving you money on your décor so you can spend it on your bling.”

  1. Since opening, FCC Decor has designed and executed more than 500 weddings, from small family affairs to 600-guest events at amazing venues across Ontario.
  2. In 2016, FCC Decor won the Peer Award for Outstanding Customer Service and Creative Talent from Wedbiz.
  3. In 2017, FCC Decor won yet again the Peer Award for Outstanding Customer Service and Creative Talent from Wedbiz.
  4. In 2018, FCC Decor won yet again the Peer Award for Outstanding Customer Service and Creative Talent from Wedbiz.
  5. FCC Decor will follow you anywhere. The team has orchestrated weddings across the country and the Caribbean. Just pay the airfare for two persons and transport costs.
  6. We were recognized by Womanhood Gala for our sponsorship of their event decor in 2017
  7. Our award winning decor was used for filming the Popular TV Show Marketplace aired on CBC in April 2017


Natalia and Dennis

“When we first met Melissa Barban from Fairy Tale Creations , we knew that she would be the one to create our dream décor for the wedding. Melissa has an amazing talent in making your dream decor come alive at a very affordable price. Our guests were amazed at how magnificent the venue looked and received many compliments about the decor. Thank you so much Melissa in creating our dream wedding!"